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The Dog Claw

The DogClaw is the ultimate scratcher for your dog.  The Scratching Talons and Massaging Knuckles feel great!  Check it out on our website! Free Shipping!


Get Unleashed. Go Hands-Free

Get unleashed by using this simple yet effective and ergonomically designed Buddy leash connector. Multi-task, multi-function, multi-dog and lunge absorbing.


Sisters "Sammie and Josie" will be forever together in this "Glitter ur Critter" portrait.

Custom, original artwork created in pure glitter. 8 X 10 finished canvas.

Order yours today from lanaemcdade@hotmail.com


The PeeKeeper® is the ultimate escape-proof dog diaper.  Perfect for incontinent dogs, male dog marking, dogs in heat, housetraining  and travel.


Life is Pawfect

"Life Is Pawfect is a fun read with great photography! It's a reminder of life's gifts. It also makes a Pawfect gift.  - Animal Radio®"

“Life Is Pawfect is a fun book with a lot of really creative photography.  Dog lovers will enjoy this for a long time.  – Harrison Forbes”


Mendota Slip Lead – Leash and Collar in one

Simplicity at its best – Having the leash and collar in one allows for gentle correction, ease of use and comfort.


WaterWalker ™ Leash

The 4-in-1 eco-friendly retractable dog leash that incorporates a reusable water bottle, dish, built-in bag dispenser, waste bags and more! 


Pet Toast

Toast has never been so rewarding for pet lovers until now.  This great retro style toaster not only has your favorite pet on the outside, on the inside it is toasting your bread with that same lovable family pet.


The Blissful Dog

Organic Good Stuff For Your Dog's Nose, Paw & Elbows. NOSE BUTTER™ smoothes your dog's nose in 1-3 days. PAW BUTTER™ protects & soothes rough paws. ELBOW BUTTER™, you guessed it, softens elbow calluses. Ahhh, Bliss!


Poly Form Keepsake Kits

Keepsake Clay Kits are a fun, easy way to capture special moments. Seven kits are available to create lasting memories. Each kit offers a unique way to share treasures with family and friends. Make gift giving special by creating projects that will last a lifetime!



Thundershirt is the simplest solution for dog fear and anxiety, calming your pet by applying gentle, hugging pressure. Vet recommended.


Pet Escape Bag

Be Safe - have a 2nd way out 

use promo code cwfb612 to receive free safety decals at checkout!


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The Dog Claw

The DogClaw is the ultimate scratcher for your dog.  The Scratching Talons and Massaging Knuckles feel great!  See it on our website!  Free Shipping!



The PetDek allows your pets to comfortably sit in the back seat of the car. It can also be used as a comfortable, easy way to carry luggage, groceries, golf clubs, pet cages, you name it. To learn more about the PetDek go to



Nose Butter by The Blissful Dog

Does Your Dog Suffer From Dry or Crusty Nose Syndrome?  Dry/Crusty Nose Syndrome (NASUS ERUBESCO aka Nose Shame) is common among dogs. Uncomfortable for your dog & embarrassing for you, NOSE BUTTER to the rescue.


Table Art Event Designs

Presenting extraordinary custom created Floral Sculptures specializing in unique Event Decor, delightful Gifts, precious Pet Likenesses and treasured Pet Memorials.



The DawggieGoPak By Dawgs on the Go

Do you ever feel the need to carry a backpack when walking your dog - check out DawggieGoPak.  Holds a roll of poop bags, keys, cell phone, ID and more.

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