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Heart to Heart

By Jorge Bendersky, Celebrity Dog Expert and Groomer
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This year, as Valentine’s Day nears, I have been thinking a lot about relationships, well, the relationship between a dog and his person that is.  (What can I say, I’m not a romantic and my life has literally gone to the dogs!)  My own Pomeranian, Tito, for example, is not just my dog, he lets me watch trashy tv, and wakes up to get coffee with me in the morning.  Tito listens when I just feel like talking – we all know texting can be exhausting! - and he is always happy to see me after a long day of work. 

It’s not just me though.  In my line of work, grooming the dogs of New York’s elite, I see that whether you live uptown or downtown, everybody gets stressed.  But when a little pup comes in the room, even a fashion diva or a big shot lawyer can’t help but smile.  What if you don’t have a career in high fashion and carry your dog around in Gucci? Well, my experience says the positive effects of a dog are universal.

This is not just my opinion.  Many studies, by doctors and psychologists, prove that owning a dog can actually help make you a happier and healthier person.  Petting your dog calms you down and reduces your anxiety, which helps lower blood pressure and reduces heart related diseases.  Having a dog to come home to, play with, and take walks with can help fight off depression or loneliness and will lead to a more active lifestyle.  Being out with your dog could even help you get a date!

When it comes down to it, having Tito around might actually be making me a better person.  Don’t tell Tito though, we don’t need his ego getting any bigger!


Match Your Pumps & Make You Smile

By Jorge Bendersky, Celebrity Dog Expert and Groomer
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When I walk into a new client’s home for the first time I take everything in, from the décor to a clients outfit.  These things tell me a lot about how someone will want their dog styled.  Our dogs are an extension of ourselves, a part of our lives and our families.  Some people are simple and classic, but there are pet parents that want to extend their own unique fashion sense to their pooch.

A fun and artistic eye can make creative grooming and a little color go a long way.  Using non-toxic dyes and a careful hand to help your pup sport a colorful mohawk,  a heart shape stamp on their hip, or some cheetah spots will only get your attention-loving pup more affection than he can stand and help him become the ultimate compliment to your own style.

When one of my clients recently asked me to makeover their dog into a purple pony, because their family was in need of some cheering up, I was reminded that creative grooming can have a bigger purpose.  I was also thrilled with the challenge.  What could be better to bring some laughter into a home than to have their beloved pup trot around as a little purple pony for a bit.

Grooming opportunities such as these are rewarding, and are an excellent example of what creative grooming is all about.  It is a chance to be fun and stylish, but also to make your pup even more of a bright spot, literally, in the busy day to day of your life.  Wearing the newest daring fashion trend can make you feel like a million bucks, a new, wild style on your dog will pass that fantastic feeling to your family, friends, even strangers you pass on the street.  Celebrate your dog by asking your groomer to try something adventurous. Why not? Live a little!


Keep Your Dog Lookin’ Hot Through The Winter Chill

By Jorge Bendersky, Celebrity Dog Expert and Groomer
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When the temperatures drop I bundle up, but keeping my Pomeranian, Tito, comfortable throughout the winter months means more than making him cozy in cashmere.   If your dog is going to stay your most stylish companion on your morning coffee run, there are a few tips to keep in mind, or your coffee time tradition might leave you with a frozen frappéd Tito. 

Your dog’s paws are in constant contact with icy conditions on winter walks, so trimming longer hair between the pads can help reduce picking up ice and salt, which irritates tender paws and can make a poisonous snowy snack as well.  If your dog, like Tito, is blessed with a naturally fabulous fur coat, he’ll best utilize the gift nature gave him by keeping it well brushed out.  Mats in your dog’s coat can allow moisture to become trapped against the skin.  If a shorter haircut or a naturally short-haired coat have your dog exposed to the elements it’s not just fashion sense but common sense to provide a sweater or jacket.  We know not all dogs are fashion forward, so don’t torture your dog if he’d prefer to stay the way nature made him, but minimize time outdoors on the chilliest of days.


When indoors, we all have our thermostats on high and your dog’s skin and hair fall prey to the same drier air conditions as your own.  Choosing an oatmeal or aloe moisturizing shampoo will combat the dryness, and spritzing a leave-in conditioner over your dog’s coat before any brushing will minimize breakage and the dreaded static frizz.

Keeping your dog well groomed, healthy and happy through the coldest months might just make him the hottest dog on your block, especially as he struts beside those new gorgeous winter boots you bought!  



Red Carpet Ready for Rover

By Jorge Bendersky, Celebrity Dog Expert and Groomer
Learn more at www.planetjorge.com

Oscar fever is in the air as they approach on Sunday February 26th, and even I can’t help but get excited to see the show.  Of course my vote is for The Artist, with that adorable Jack Russell terrier stealing every black and white scene.  But it’s not the days of Lassie, when her soft hued “bedroom eyes” could make the other dogs swoon.  Today’s high definition cameras show under eye tear stains that can make a dog look more like your last hangover!  While we can dab on some cover up, your dog’s tear stains can be a little bit trickier to handle.

A dog’s tear stains are caused by a number of factors; nutrition, external irritations, or even simple genetics. The discoloration that happens under the eyes is most often caused by bacteria growth.  Each dog is different, so the remedy for each will be different as well. 

Your dog’s diet could be affecting bacteria growth in their system, so changing their food could help. I believe natural is always better, so make sure to check ingredients. Sometimes a daily dose of calcium carbonate, like that found in an antacid, will be enough to adjust the pH of their tears, making it harder for bacteria to grow.

It’s not hard to imagine the environmental issues that could affect your pint-sized companion, walking side by side with your fabulous Manolo Blahnik’s puts Fifi right on level with dust, dirt, and car exhaust!  All of that debris could cause even the happiest pup to shed some tears.  Wiping her face after each walk will help to keep the tear ducts clean and ready to work properly, keeping your pup’s eyes clear and bright.  When tearing does occur an all natural way to kill bacteria and microbes is colloidal silver water, found at most health stores.  Daily application with a spray bottle or cotton pad can prevent staining from ruining an otherwise great face.

Whatever the reason for your dog’s tear stains, these tips should help you and your dog leave that runny mascara look in the past and, just like the pros, be ready for your close up in no time!