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  Springer Bike Jogger

You know your dog loves to run. See if the Springer Dog Exerciser is right for you. Simple to install. Safe. So much fun!



The Escape-Proof Dog Diaper
Ideal for incontinent dogs, male dog marking, female dogs in heat and travel. Made in USA



I Love Dogs Multivitamin

Furshionistas love how the i Love Dogs Multivitamin with Green Tea and Reishi keeps their coats shiny!



PawFlex Bandages

PawFlex Bandages are a break through series of  disposable super- stretch non adhesive bandages for dogs  receiving accolades of reviews from across the globe!



Trupanion, Medical Coverage for Your Pet

Your pet is family. And to make sure you’re able to do what’s best – without having to worry about what you can afford – there’s Trupanion. We offer 1 simple plan, 90% coverage and have no payout limits. Call 888.733.2685 or visit our website at Trupanion.com for more information.




Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer

The Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer eliminates jingling dog tags.  Light sleepers & homes with sleeping babies love it.  USA-made.


Featured Products

Quiet Moments®

Quiet Moments® supplements help to reduce stress and tension. Great for fireworks, travel, thunderstorms, new environments, and grooming.


DGP® for Joint Discomfort

Joint discomfort can vanish in just 1 week…with all-natural, veterinarian-recommended DGP®.
DGP works FAST to help maintain your dog’s mobility and flexibility as he ages.


NaturVet® ArthriSoothe-GOLD® Now Clinically Tested!

ArthriSoothe-GOLD is formulated to support healthy hip & joint function. Available in Time Release Tablets and Tasty Soft Chews!


Beat The Stink

The Puppy Pad Wizard is easy to use and provides an odor free solution for your used puppy pads. Beat the stink and get a Puppy Pad Wizard today!


Springer Dog Exerciser

Dogs like to walk, but they love to run! Simple to install. Safe. Fits most bikes. Fun and healthy for you and your dog.


Body Glove – Products for the Active Pet!

Pets (especially dogs!) are increasingly taking part in their owner’s everyday activities – from shopping, to vacationing, to going to work, and all other sorts of recreational activities. It’s much more than just the normal daily walks and snoozing. From life vests, to leashes, to travel bowls, Body Glove Pet products support your active pet!


Durvet Spectra Shield

Your dog deserves a shield of protection against fleas & ticks. Spectra SHIELD Medallions, with slow release technology, work like spot-ons only with no mess or stress!  Shields for 4 full months.  Just clip ‘n go! 


Go Go Dog Pals

Go Go Dog Pals a fun remote control interactive chase dog that will be tons of fun for you and your dog. With top speeds over 20 mph, give your dog the workout he needs.


MacTurriff Dog Beds

MacTurriff Dog Beds are coming to USA/Canada. This top notch Scottish dog bed design is sumptuously cosy and durable.


Fetch…For Pets!™ Introduces Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care Line

Burt’s Bees™ Natural Pet Care features a range of grooming and oral care products that uphold to the rigorous natural standards of Burt’s Bees®. Products are pH balanced for pets and contain no Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrances, or Sulfates. 



ThunderCoat offers all the calming benefits of ThunderShirt plus warmth and rain protection. It’s water-resistant, fully lined, and machine-washable with a removable hood. 866-892-2078


Free Pet Rx Discount Card

Free Pet Rx Discount Card is a free program. Ask your veterinarian for a written prescription, present the prescription and your Free Pet Rx Discount Card at any of 56,000 participating pharmacies and SAVE UP TO 75%!!


Earths Balance Health

Energize your life! Turns ordinary water into energy water. No sugar or caffeine. 1 bottle makes 16 quarts.


Reliever Achiever

Reliever Achiever herbal spray soothes painful skin irritations & hot spots, cleanses pores of impurities, fights bacterial infection, dulls nerve pain and treats eczema.  Made with USDA certified organic herbs and sweet orange essential oil.  Peaceable Kingdom Essentials (Hershey, PA)


VPI® Pet Insurance

“Their customer service is top notch, and their compassion is immeasurable.”—Carylb, Austin, TX

Call 855-672-7092



Dog Paws Lotion Bars to help safeguard and heal dog’s paws that are dry, rough or cracked


Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer

The Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer eliminates jingling dog tags.  Light sleepers & homes with sleeping babies love it.  USA-made.



Thundershirt is the simplest drug free solution for dog fear and anxiety, calming your pet by applying gentle, hugging pressure.



Recommended for dogs up to 30 lbs.

Perfect for small dogs and small spaces. The Small DogTread® features an attractive pet-friendly design, whisper-quiet motor and a natural low-profile running platform that make it easy and comfortable to train small dogs quickly! It is portable and with a space-saving design it is easy to store or transport anywhere you go with your pet. A manual flip-bar incline provides training flexibility so you can adjust training intensity as needed to simulate outdoor terrain.



DGP, the all-natural, veterinarian-recommended formula, helps soothe your pet's joint discomfort. See a difference in just one week!



Walking at night? Be safer with LIGHTWALKER®, the belt with 18 LEDs lighting the path for you and your dog.

Click here to learn more

SHOUT for Pet Stains

Stains, a cleaning line specifically for the needs of pet owners. The line, manufactured by Fetch…for Pets, brings the same stain-fighting power and versatility of SHOUT™, to products specially formulated for the messes left by your furry companions

Cleaning up after your pet is now easier than ever! Do you love your pup but hate their mess? Then we’d like to introduce you to SHOUT™ for Pet Stains, a line specially formulated for pet owners. These products provides you with the tools you need to take on the stains and odors left by your pooch.

Prepare to say goodbye to your pet’s messes. Head over to PetSmart today to pick up SHOUT™ for Pet Stains!


The Comfy Cone

The Comfy Cone, a soft alternative to the plastic e-collar, has 3 removable plastic stays, bridging the gap between hard & soft e-collars. 
It’s 2 Comfy Cones in 1! 


Petzlife Products

PetzLife Tickz is an herbal product that repels Ticks and other biting insects, including Fleas.   Simply mix with pet’s food twice a day for 5 days and protects your pet for up to 3 months.



New! Actistatin soft chews, combine the best in joint care with
inflammation fighters, antioxidants., and omega 3-6-9 for rapid and
long lasting relief


GLC 1000

Help lubricate, strengthen and nourish your dog’s joints with GLC
1000. Clinically proven for better absorption and fantastic results.


Clean Teeth Gel

Clean Teeth Gel is made from a unique blend of natural ingredients to help fight periodontal disease without brushing!


Vets Recommend Thundershirt

A recent survey reveals that veterinarians recommend Thundershirt as an effective solution for easing dog fear and anxiety.

http://thundershirt.com/Media/Thundershirt Vet Survey Release Final Oct 3 2011.pdf

Liquid Floss + TriFlossBall

Liquid Floss + TriFlossBall is a three-fold technological marvel, designed to massage gums, floss teeth and create lasting fresh breath when used together.


Humane Healing

Humane Healing wound care products rapidly accelerate the wound healing process naturally. Clinically proven and tested on humans. : http://www.humanehealing.com/faq

Water Additive

Water Additive naturally kills germs and bacteria that cause bad breath helping fight periodontal disease.


Springer America Dog Exerciser

Dogs like to walk, but they love to run!
Simple.  Safe.  Fun for both. $99