Quiet Moments®

Quiet Moments® supplements help to reduce stress and tension. Great for fireworks, travel, thunderstorms, new environments, and grooming.


DGP® for Joint Discomfort

Joint discomfort can vanish in just 1 week…with all-natural, veterinarian-recommended DGP®. DGP works FAST to help maintain your dog’s mobility and flexibility as he ages.



ArthriSoothe-GOLD is formulated to support healthy hip & joint function. Available in Time Release Tablets and Tasty Soft Chews! Now clinically tested!


Beat The Stink

The Puppy Pad Wizard is easy to use and provides an odor free solution for your used puppy pads. Beat the stink and get a Puppy Pad Wizard today!


Springer Dog Exerciser

Dogs like to walk, but they love to run! Simple to install. Safe. Fits most bikes. Fun and healthy for you and your dog.


Body Glove – Products for the Active Pet!

Pets (especially dogs!) are increasingly taking part in their owner’s everyday activities – from shopping, to vacationing, to going to work, and all other sorts of recreational activities. It’s much more than just the normal daily walks and snoozing. From life vests, to leashes, to travel bowls, Body Glove Pet products support your active pet!


Go Go Dog Pals

Go Go Dog Pals a fun remote control interactive chase dog that will be tons of fun for you and your dog. With top speeds over 20 mph, give your dog the workout he needs.


MacTurriff Dog Beds

MacTurriff Dog Beds are coming to USA/Canada. This top notch Scottish dog bed design is sumptuously cosy and durable.



ThunderLeash is a simple, safe no pull-solution, applying mild pressure to the torso to stop pulling nearly instantly! 866-892-2078


Free Pet Rx Discount Card

Free Pet Rx Discount Card is a free program. Ask your veterinarian for a written prescription, present the prescription and your Free Pet Rx Discount Card at any of 56,000 participating pharmacies and SAVE UP TO 75%!!


Earths Balance Health

Energize your life! Turns ordinary water into energy water. No sugar or caffeine. 1 bottle makes 16 quarts.


Pee Keeper

The PeeKeeper® is an escape-proof dog diaper ideal for incontinent dogs, male dog marking and female dogs in heat. Standard sizes fit dogs between 5 and 40 pounds. The PeeKeeper is made in the USA and shipping is free on all domestic orders.


My Dog Paws

Dog Paws Lotion Bars to help safeguard and heal dog’s paws that are dry, rough or cracked.