The Dog Claw

The DogClaw is the ultimate scratcher for your dog.  The Scratching Talons and Massaging Knuckles feel great!  See it on our website!  Free Shipping!


The PeeKeeperĀ® is the ultimate escape-proof dog diaper.  Perfect for incontinent dogs, male dog marking, dogs in heat, housetraining  and travel.

Maya, The Pup-Puppy Poet

Maya, a puppy who speaks wisdom in rhyme. Here you will 

find Children's bedtime stories, Quotes and original material to share with your children or the child in you.

The DawggieGoPak By Dawgs on the Go

Do you ever feel the need to carry a backpack when walking your dog - check out DawggieGoPak.  Holds a roll of poop bags, keys, cell phone, ID and more.

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