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The PeeKeeper® is the ultimate escape-proof dog diaper.  Perfect for incontinent dogs, male dog marking, dogs in heat, housetraining  and travel.


How to Stop Dog Marking Indoors with the Markitwear™ Training System

Is your dog healthy, neutered, spayed, potty-trained and marking indoors? The patent-pending Markitwear® Belly Shirt For Indoor Dog Marking stops this behavioral issue.



Springer Dog Exerciser

See how easy the Springer Dog Exerciser is to use – and how much you and your dog will love it.



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Beat The Stink

The Puppy Pad Wizard is easy to use and provides an odor free solution for your used puppy pads. Beat the stink and get a Puppy Pad Wizard today!


Stop Dog Marking with MARKITWEAR

No buckles, straps or Velcro. Comfortable. User-Friendly. Markitwear® - The Belly Shirt For Indoor Dog Marking. No urine, no worries.


NANDOG Pet Gear 'Executive' Retractables

Available in multiple textures and styles, NANDOG Pet Gear’s Executive Collection retractable leashes include comfortable rubber grip handles, extend to nine feet and are suitable for dogs up to 30 lbs.


Pack Leader Psychology

Transform yourself into a confident, assertive pack leader of people and improve relationships with a new book: "Pack Leader Psychology".



Walking at night? Be safer with LIGHTWALKER®, the belt with 18 LEDs lighting the path for you and your dog.