Major Breakthrough In Pet Urine Clean Up

The SpotVac and “SpotFlush” Sub-Surface Flushing Solutions, promise to fill the “The Missing Link in Home Maintenance and Pet Ownership”.

A new, easy-to-use “Sub-Surface” extraction tool called the “SpotVac” has made its way from professional carpet cleaning to everyday home use. This unique tool thoroughly extracts spots and spills from UNDER carpets, to permanently neutralize all kinds of reappearing spots and pet odors from urine, vomit and feces.

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Pack Leader Psychology

Transform yourself into a confident, assertive pack leader of people and improve relationships with a new book: "Pack Leader Psychology".


Springer America

Springer America introduces the Springer Xtra Arm Kit, enabling bikers to ride with multiple dogs on both sides of their bikes.

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Stop Dog Marking Indoors With Markitwear®

Is your dog healthy, neutered, spayed, potty-trained and still marking indoors? The Markitwear® Belly Shirt can stop this behavior.